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Ascot Homes presents the epitome of shed perfection, where craftsmanship and design merge to deliver an exquisite sanctuary in your very own backyard.

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By definition, a shed is a purpose-built structure that serves a specific purpose for a land owner. In Bundaberg and Central Queensland, sheds need to stand up to cyclones, floods and earthquakes so it’s incredibly important to choose the right builder.

For more than thirty years, Ascot Homes has constructed over six thousand sturdy, solid sheds for farmers, schools, homes, businesses and government departments. Being a local construction company based in a regional location, we are experienced and knowledgeable in all the environmental and practical considerations.

We know how important it is that the sheds we build for our clients can take the rigorous demands of reconfiguration and the storage of heavy duty equipment and stock.

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Our dedicated steel frame construction means the internal layout of your shed can be altered later on to accommodate your changing needs. Turn your garage into a rumpus room, raise the roof higher to house a taller caravan or install a mezzanine for added storage.Sheds constructed by Ascot Homes can be of any custom size to suit your requirements.

We’ve built 6m x 3m carports through to vermin-proof packing and machinery sheds of a couple of thousand square metres. Cane harvesters and light aircraft are protected from the elements, and may or may not need to have a concrete slab. On the other hand, a precious car collection deserves a level floor, fully lined walls, plumbing and electricity.

Instead of adding an extension to the family home, a shed is a more affordable option for storage, for a growing family that needs more room and for utility space. Ascot Homes can build a granny flat or teenager’s retreat, a poolside cabana or the coveted man cave for your property, in any size you desire.

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Looks definitely count, so Ascot Homes offers a range of finishing options that will complement other buildings on your property, including your home. Choose from Colorbond, cladding or rendered external walls or between tiled and corrugated iron roofs. It’s simply a matter of discussing your needs.

Entrust the safety of your shed and all its contents to Ascot Homes. As custom shed builders, we can guarantee you the perfect structure for the purpose, your land and the harsh environment of the area. No off-the-rack kit shed can promise you that!

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Together, we ensure that every aspect of your project is handled with expertise and care. Contact us to learn more about our esteemed partners and how they contribute to our success.